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Edward Dekker teaches a course on writing Windows XP Device Drivers (including Windows NT and Windows 2000).  The course was developed with Joseph Newcomer,  and is associated with our book Developing Windows NT Device Drivers.

We can teach this course at your site on a custom basis,  through H.O.T.T. , or you can attend one of the public offerings from H.O.T.T.

Contact  H.O.T.T. for class schedules, or contact us directly.   (

Windows Device Drivers 

I am co-author with Joseph Newcomer of a course designed for those who want to learn how to program Windows device drivers. This 5-day, hands-on course gives the details of Windows drivers and including an introduction to the Win32 Driver Model (WDM) and the Windows 2000/XP driver model. The student learns to build a Device Driver, set up the debugger, and debug drivers while in the course labs.

Windows System & Network Programming

I also instruct this course,  written by Joseph Newcomer.  This course is offered through Hands On Technology Transfer. It is a course designed either to take Windows application programmers to the next step of understanding Windows or to transfer Unix system programmers to the NT/2000 environment. 


  I have taught the following course. 

I am no longer affiliated with the the training company (Technology Exchange) which offered this courses..

  Win32 System Programming: a course designed for those who want to learn how to program Windows "console", "server" and "system services" applications. This course concentrates on concepts such as pipes (named and unnamed), security, synchronization (semaphores, mutexes, critical sections and events), spawning processes and threads, Thread Local Storage and DLLs. The course was developed by Johnson Hart.